The Ultimate 3XE Digital Conference Guide and Giveaway

Held at Dublin's Croke Park, the 3XE Digital Conference is the definitive annual hub for networking, innovation, and educational, created for anyone working within the realms of the digital world.

Jan 26

The 3xE Digital Conference will take place in Dublin – Europe’s digital hub – on 9th February 2017. It is designed for leading digital professionals wishing to make the most out of unlimited networking opportunities and professional development.

Why should you attend the conference?

Not only is there an abundance of industry leaders providing key insights throughout the day, but each talk is condensed into 20-minute slots to ensure that all of 3XE’s content is digestible, leaving you with actionable takeaways. Four key reasons why any professional into digital can’t miss this conference:


  • Learn from the best subject matter experts available in digital marketing today and apply the main takeaways to your own professional career.
  • Practice what you learn in your choice of 6 expert workshops integrated between presentations.
  • Unlimited networking opportunities to exchange ideas on how to implement digital strategies and maximise ROI.
  • Discover key insights across Data, Mobile and Social Media Marketing to build lasting relationships with your customers in today’s digital ecosystem.

As part of DueDigital.com’s mission to empower professionals to acquire the digital skills needed to succeed in today’s world, we are delighted to partner up with 3xE Digital to give away 2 free tickets for the 3xE Digital Conference. Two  quick steps to participate in our contest:

  • Find our contest here and enter your details before 6th February 2017.
  • Sign up for DueDigital.com here

3XE Digital’s top conference speakers

Among the many industry experts offering priceless advice, data, and information at the conference, here is a look at three speakers you must not miss:

1. Michael Trapani, IBM:

Michael is a product marketer, designer, and public speaker. In his present role as Product Marketing Manager for IBM Watson Marketing, Michael manages strategy, messaging, and customer engagement for several products within IBM Marketing Cloud.

2. Lexi Mills, Manyminds:

Lexi Mills is a multi-award winning digital marketing expert, with a focus on integrating PR and SEO at both a strategic and tactical level. Her journalism and research work focuses on the ethics, risks, and machine learning potential and AI within the pillar of internet search. Lexi combines technical search algorithm knowledge and psychology to create data-driven measurable communications strategies that maximise influence on human behaviour. She applies this to external and internal communications alongside change management.

3. Greg Fry, Content Plan:

Greg is an International Social Media trainer delivering regular LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+; he also runs Social Business Strategy training and workshops for institutions like the Digital Marketing Institute, Sure Skills, and the Digital Skills Academy.Over the years, Greg has worked with top multinationals including Ulster Bank, Vodafone, Microsoft, Symantec, UPC, Abbott Labs and Coca-Cola Hellenic.

The workshops

The workshops at 3XE Digital are ahead of their time and offer endless amounts of awe-inspiring value. Here’s a quick rundown of them:

  • Dynamic Search Advertising by Google
  • Creating Success For Your Social Media Campaigns
  • Customer Journey Mapping: A Powerful Tool For Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Social Media Tactics that get the right attention
  • Optimising Your Landing Pages for a Mobile First World and Innovative Ways to Permeate Social Into Your Marketing & Sales Objectives
  • Unbamboozling SEO

3XE Digital is only weeks away, and we can’t wait. For digital marketers, as well as those looking to change the way they interact with the world or do business, this really is an unmissable event. Welcome to the future.The conference is held over one day, includes 16 amazing talks, hosts 20 expert speakers, and features six cutting-edge workshops. Of course, for those in the UK and Ireland, getting to 3XE will be a doddle, but if you’re considering attending from places Europe, it’s easier than you might think.