Lexi Mills: Breaking Down Our Digital Bubbles

Today we’re talking to award-winning digital marketing expert Lexi Mills about all things digital. During the conversation, we explore everything from blockchain and self-regulated data to search engine optimization and the limits of freedom in the Internet age. Lexi also stresses the importance of seeking expert opinions, and uncovers how the Internet shapes us as humans.

Mar 16

Topics include:

  • The unexpected links between our Internet history and our DNA and medical conditions
  • Interesting search data and its variables
  • Adjusting our perspective on Google searches
  • Bad actors in the data sphere
  • The potential role data plays in challenging gender bias (and others)
  • How SEO can be used in all areas of successful online campaigns

Lexi Mills is a multi-award winning digital marketing expert, with a focus on integrating PR and SEO at both a strategic and tactical level. She has built two international award-winning PR, SEO, Social Media & content teams. In 2016, Lexi gave a TEDx Talk called The Nature of our Digital Bubbles in which she dives into the conversation of the brand new digital world that we have created and what it means to analyze the data flooding us every day.

Lexi combines technical search algorithm knowledge and psychology to create data-driven measurable communications strategies that maximize influence on human behavior. She applies this to external and internal communications alongside change management. Her research and journalism work focus on her innovative tactics alongside the ethics, risks, and potential of machine learning and AI within the sector of Internet search.