How to do PR the right way with a small budget with Lexi Mills

In this episode you will learn about relationship marketing and how you can use it to transform your business.

Feb 16

Lexi Mills is an expert in integrating PR and SEO at both a strategic and tactical level. She has built two international award-winning PR, SEO, Social Media & content teams.

This is the 93rd session of Smart Brand Marketing.

My biggest takeaway

  • Come up with ideas and evaluate by the following process:
  • What is quick, easy and impactful?
  • Sell story before it goes life to journalists.
  • Tell them this story goes on on a certain date. Follow up three times.
  • Send article under embargo before it goes live.

Topics discussed

  • SEO without restrictions and with restrictions
  • Integration of SEO and PR
  • Small vs large business tactics
  • Anchor content
  • What journalists link to?
  • How to get the attention of the media?
  • Who to reach out to first?
  • Local vs trade vs national campaigns
  • How to use a press release/media alert properly?
  • Media pages
  • Machine learning and AI potential in and out of search